ART|JOG – Enlightenment

Group Exhibition
Jogja National Museum
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
04/05/2018 - 04/06/2018

This particular work highlights a phenomenon encountered in the Indonesian society nowadays, celebrating democracy which sometimes seems a little bit over the top, causing disorder all over the place. Such euphoria is based on collective intimacy built upon solidarity, while the hurly-burly of such euphoria is felt like a festive carnival. A carnival must be festive, the uproar draws people in to join celebrating, regardless of its true intention. A carnival could be used by anybody and sometimes it can take rather political forms. This could turn in such a deceiving trap, used by those in power to realize their political dreams and plans. The two main works, Carnival Trap 1 and Carnival Trap 2 are made made of plastic debris collected by waste collectors in Yogyakarta.