Lot Lost

Solo Exhibition
Curator: Lisa Catt

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

His immersive installation Lot lost 2013-15 takes us to the streets of Yogyakarta, the artistic and revolutionary capital of Indonesia where Nugroho has been based for the past two decades. The work presents a finely attuned, darkly humoured and – as always – wildly imaginative look at everyday life and politics in Indonesia. The works are chock full of political satire. The large cartoonish typeface on the embroidery spell out phrases in Indonesian, like “Mints and politics both contain artificial sweetener,” “Intelligence is not for deception” and “Let’s be democratic and destroy each other,” in Indonesian. The artist is also showing floor drawings and his comic work is riddled with imagery of robots, swords and martians from Mars. There are also recurring images of skulls, centipedes and the recurrent figure – The Traveller – a human-size bird with two beaks.

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