SAKTI – Indonesian Pavilion at The 55th Venice Biennale

Pavilion at Arsenale, Venice, Italy
Curators: Carla Bianpoen, Rifky Effendy
01/06/2013 - 24/11/2013

Within the Javanese cultural and philosophical realm, Sakti symbolizes the power of the South Sea Queen, who’s strength is believed to be placed behind the Sultan’s power, as well as within each person. Through the concept of sakti, the Indonesian pavilion explored inner, alternative powers that are present in the struggles of Indonesian art and life. Eko Nugroho’s bamboo raft Penghasut Badai-badai (Instigator of Storms) considers the state of Indonesia, but in a manner that is playful, ironic and critical. With his iconic figures depicted on it, the work also refers to the ability of the country to survive amidst overwhelming political, social and religious challenges. The raft is a metaphor for Indonesia, supported by its wealth in oil and other natural resources. According to the artist, the success of the Indonesian people, who have managed to grow and prosper while weathering financial, political and social storms, as well as natural disasters, is a feat of Sakti.

Photo Courtesy of Bumi Purnati Indonesia

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