Snobs Behind Ketchup

Solo Exhibition
Lombard Freid Projects, New York, USA.
09/09/2011 - 15/10/2011

Snobs Behind Ketchup is the premiere solo exhibition of Eko Nugroho in New York City, USA. The artist transformed the gallery into a unique but relatable environment with vibrant, large-scale portraits made with paint, embroidery and sculpture. The artwork hangs directly on a mural hand-painted by Nugroho producing an even more dynamic viewing experience. Each piece tells a story without preaching an overt message. Instead he uses an alternative universe with a recurring cast of masked alien punks to place his absurd and biting catch phrases into a less threatening environment then our own reality. His idioms subtly articulate the dysfunctions of contemporary Indonesian society, as well as the tribulations of the world at large. These metamorphic figures and their surroundings speak to a range of psychological states in dealing with the increasingly negative effects of the world’s industrialization and the personal challenges in a reforming society of which they are starkly disconnected despite their lively depiction. The artwork simultaneously speaks of hope and violence, generating a compelling dialogue between the artwork and the viewer. (Text source: Lombard Freid Projects)

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