Threat as a Flavor

Solo Exhibition
Gallery ARDNT, Berlin, Germany
27/04/2012 - 02/06/2012

Eko Nugroho's first solo exhibition in Germany draws from the daily life of Indonesian society, which is on one hand strongly hierarchical and Muslim-influenced and on the other hand influenced by globalization and the western value system. In his paintings this contrast is visualized by showing fantasy beings comprised of human limbs and machine elements with faces mostly hidden behind masks or helmets. By juxtaposing these images with humorous but also critical texts and sayings, Nugroho tries to entice especially the young Indonesian generation to deal with political issues. In this exhibition at ARNDT, the artist takes possession of the space by covering the floor, walls and ceiling with mural paintings. He presents canvases with hybrid characters somewhere between monsters and teenagers, bringing an unsettling and ironic point of view as well as imposing embroideries, a traditional technique hijacked by the artist, sculptures and characters seemingly from science-fiction and an animated film which is both playful and unsettling. (Text source: ARNDT Gallery)

Photo Courtesy of ARDNT Gallery

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