Transfiguration & Contemporary Mythologies

Group Exhibition
Cultural Space Louis Vuitton, Paris, France
Curator: Hervé Mikaeloff
24/06/2011 - 23/10/2011

Transfiguration features 11 upcoming and promising Indonesian artists from Yogyakarta. The works featured in the exhibition not only show a wide variety of forms and styles, but also highlight the different backgrounds of the participating artists. The works tell the complex story of Indonesian social history, from the tension of post-colonialism and feudalism to statements of individuality and Indonesia’s place in a globalized world. Every artist's space is composed in different ways, depending of its position in the nooks and crannies of the Center. The idea, according to the curator Hervé Mikaeloff, is not to have an exhibition covering all of today's Indonesian contemporary art, but more to convey an atmosphere, some trends, and strong thematics characterizing Yogyakarta, the "hive of artistic creativity," in particular. The corridor is invaded by Eko Nugroho, just as the streets are by the graffiti back home, one aspect of Yogyakarta that no one can miss, where art exists in the street before being exhibited in a space. Eko created a mural of 200x280x2000cm using black acrylic on white wall, with the title Republic of Lost and Found. The work draws from the artist’s everyday personal encounters with the city of Paris, transposing soundscapes into visual forms.

Title: Republic of Lost and Found
Year: 2011
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas and Wall
Size: 200x280x2000 cm

 Photo Courtesy of Cultural Space Louis Vuitton

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