Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery
Schloss Goerne
Lindenstraße 48
14728 Kleßen-Görne
13/08/2022 - 18/09/2022

With Dawit Abebe, Amina Agueznay, Ana Barriga, Polina Barskaya, Johnny Briggs, Rebecca Brodskis, Anne Carney Raines, Mikkel Carl, Gerald Chukwuma, Damien Ding, Michael Dohr, Victor Ehikhamenor, Miranda Forrester, Jeanne Gaigher, Anne Griffiths, Faris Heizer, Januario Jano, Nick Jensen, Robin Kang, Tae Kim, Ralf Kokke, Joachim Lambrechts, Meghdad Lorpour, Mary Macken Allen, Iryna Maksymova, Rita Maikova, Kathryn Maple, Rithika Merchant, Silvio Mildo, Tendai Mupita, Daisy Noble, Eko Nugroho, Nengi Omuku, Christiane Pooley, Vibeke Slyngstad, Heidi Ukkonen, Brea Weinreb and Tom White.

Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery is proud to present Uprising, their second annual summer exhibition at Schloss Görne, Germany. Located approximately 40 minutes outside of Berlin, Schloss Görne offers an exciting opportunity for audiences to experience con- temporary art in the dramatic and historic setting of an 18th century German castle. Bringing together 35 artists from within and beyond the gallery’s program, the show weaves through the castle’s cavernous, crumbling rooms and out into the wild gardens, initiating an intriguing dialogue between the old and the new and inviting viewers to contemplate art’s ability to both transform and reinvigorate space. Meanwhile, the title of the show nods to the spirit of revolution – a revolt against silence, the mundane and the conventional – that can be felt pulsing through the diverse collection of works on display. Featuring artists from almost every corner of the globe, the exhibition conjures a captivating vision of togetherness that celebrates free artistic expression.